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Riverclan Camp

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1 Riverclan Camp on Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:18 am



Welcome to Riverclan!
A clan where the feeling of water is not alarming,but soothing.Where the gentle sounds of the river is what fuels us to fight for our territory.
Look through the reeds,and you will see our camp!Oh,look!There is Koistar,sitting up on the Highrock!
A lilac tortoiseshell cat with long,well-groomed fur turns her head.Her azure blue eyes are welcoming.
"Hello newcomer," she purrs,stretched out in the sun, "Welcome to my clan."
You feel warmth spread through you,and trot further forward into the camp.
Leaders Den;
The Leaders den is right next to the Nursery, and has a small stream inside.Reeds crowd around the front, and inside there is a nest made of soft seaweed,moss,and some reeds.

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